Acupressure Massage Ball Set (4)


This set is designed to revived different levels of stimulation according to the users preferences. The soft balls are great for moderate massage with the firm ones are better for strong stimulation. The set has two different sizes to target different areas of the body. The sensory nodules act as mini acupressure points when rolled along the body. They penetrate down to the muscle layers helping increase blood circulation, reduce stress and comfort the underlaying tissues.

Ideal for self massage or with assistance to treat back pain, ease tension, stimulate nerves and energize the whole body.

Includes the following 4 balls:

1 x 7.5cm Soft Yellow

1 x 7.5cm Firm Red

1 x 9cm Soft Green

1 x 9cm Firm Blue



Acupressure Massage Ball Set (4).


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